A breath away

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"did you look for me, sam?" "yes dean, i fucking looked for you, i tore myself and the world apart looking for you but the writers are goddamn idiots so i have to say no”


if you don’t like dean don’t even breathe in my direction.

onegnarlydude said: Is it alright if you tell us Jensen's M&G's snippets please?


Jensen’s M&G is so hard to summarize, because it was essentially half an hour of Jensen going into detail on his process of playing Dean, Demon!Dean, directing, etc. It was amazing, and I will try to put together a summary, but it’s something that I’m literally going to have to try and outline just to make sure I keep everything straight. For now, though:

My favorite answer was to a fan who asked about Jensen’s experience directing this season (something I wanted to ask about it, but she asked it first and worded her question in a way that was better than how I would have). She asked what he would like us as fans to look for in this episode.

Jensen said that his “mountain” in this episode was that it takes place in the “catacombs of the Men of Letters”, which we’ve never seen. They have sets built for the major rooms we see a lot of, and a couple other sets which have been repurposed to appear to be a few different rooms, but this involved Sam and Dean going on a “cat and mouse chase” throughout the bowels of the building, and he had to make two hallway sets look like two dozen.

He explained how he planned this out for days/weeks ahead of time, He studied the old Hitchcock movies, using the technique where the “good guy” moves from left to right (the natural way that they eye wants to move) while the bad guy moves from right to left (which appears jarring on a subconscious level). After all this, he spread it all out on the kitchen table at home to map out everything that needs to be done. Then he started coming up with different ways to make the hallway look different. He asked Jared for help, who suggested things like having different things mounted to the wall at the end of the hall to make it look different.

"Plus, on top of all of that, I had to play Demon Dean".

He said that he made extremely detailed notes for everything that he needed to capture each day, so that even if he forgot something, someone else would remind him that there was still something else on his list.  He said he was proud of the fact that during his week of filming, they had mostly days that were less than 12 hours of filming, and one or two “eight hour” days. He liked the fact that people were able to go home to their families at the end of the night.

To me, I was just blown away by all of this as a sign of just how brilliant a director Jensen is - not only was he able to conceive a vision of how he wanted the episode to appear, he was able to execute his vision in an efficient and timely manner. I really do hope we get a commentary from him on this episode on the eventual DVD (although now we might get a twitter commentary from him when it airs!) and maybe even a Director’s cut edition of the episode!

”[…] then you were meant to be.”

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"Jensen also talked about Dean’s death scene in the S9 finale […] He liked that it was quiet. They chose to make it quiet, and the quiet simplicity of it only made it that much more horrifying. That much more real. Jensen played Dean’s reaction to being stabbed as shock, because that’s what would probably happen in real life. People lose an arm or a leg, they don’t yell and scream, they go into shock, not moving, not fighting. It’s not what we expect of Dean – we always expect him to come back swinging, grab for a knife, fight back. Or for Sam to get there just in time and swoop in and cut off the bad guy’s head. This time, none of that happened. The moment played out, almost in slow motion, almost silent except for the whoosh of Dean’s breath as his lungs are punctured, the grisly sucking sound of his flesh being pierced."
-On Jensen’s acting in S9 Finale. M&G, Vancon 2014 [x]   (via deangirl)


Top 10 Supernatural Rare Ships (voted by followers): Michael/Lucifer

Watch the flames climb high into the night
Calling out father oh
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side high
And if we should die tonight
Then we should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time




Dean Winchester + Character Alignments

[Castiel version]

"Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Well, people, I have this friend of mine that was in the private M&G with Jensen Ackles in VanCon this last weekend. She told me some stuff about it and authorized me to tell you something that made her smile.

Since I know things in fandom are difficult these days, I…